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Exciting Recipes

With Protein Meal

Maria’s Cookies

21. September 2020


2. September 2020

Protein Pancakes

31. August 2020


28. August 2020

Marzipan Cookies

28. August 2020

Licorice cookies

28. August 2020

Edible insects is a range of products e.g. snacks with protein and topping for your Muesli

Edible Insects

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Organic fertilizer

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More than 25 Years

of Experience

in Production of Insects

Organic feed

We produce the edible insects on primarily organic raw materials. In this we try make a different choice for our customers.

Sustainable production

Our mission is to produce edible insects in a sustainable way, for benefit of our customers and the environment, and at the same time promote the insects as a natural choice as a protein source.

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