A Little About Us

About BioInsect

BioInsect ApS - "Doing more and better with less"

In BioInsect we are responsible by focus on a sustainable production. We deliver this by striving up to the 12.th of United Nations goal – by doing more and better with less. In our production, distribution and sales, we also work on some of the other 17. UN-goals.

We are producing meal worms, treat them and processes them so to get final product sold mainly in Denmark. We believe that insects will be important as a protein and food source in the near future. This is because insects have a high content of protein and unsaturated fatty acids, includes
many other important minerals. Furthermore insects can be produced in big numbers with low CO2 emission.

We have many years of experience in insect production, which are targeted pest control in vegetables and flower production worldwide.

Local Production in Havdrup

Our Meal worms are produced in Havdrup.

Our meal worms are fed using organic bran , and the water source is from vegetables from local growers. With priority for organic products. We strive to use vegetables that are discarded in a normal production.

The meal worms are being taking well care of in our production system. The insects has access to food and water all the time, ventilation and temperature control ensures the correct CO2 level and temperature in our production. Killing is done by fast freezing at minus 22 Degrees Celcius.

The residues from our production is Frass, which is sold and used as ”BioFras” in nurseries etc.


We are supplied with local products, as much as possible, and we are using environmental friendly packing bags, and reuse as much as possible.

We support institutions which are relevant to our work. Have a look at ”partners”.

Who We Are

Lene Plambech, owner.

All round. Occupational therapist, MPM, with 25 years of knowledge to the insect breeding.

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Ida Plambech, responsible for production.

Nature educator with 5 years of experience in insect breeding.

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Erik W. Hansen, owner.

Biologist with more than 25 years of experience in insect breeding.

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