Education for School Children

One of our goals is to spread the knowledge about sustainable production of food and insects as a future food source.
We can offer to visit your institution and will be able to make a session which is designed the level of the children. For the bigger children, it can be of value to stretch the subject over some months, so the children themselves can collect their own informationfrom what they see and discover from small experiments. It is also possible to buy the written material, so the teachers can make their own sessions.

Included in the package are:

  • Meal worm eggs
  • Meal worm larvae
  • Meal worm pupae
  • Aduld beetles
  • Snacks and other products made from meal worms

The written material will include:

  1. The life cyclus of the meal worm
  2. The food for the meal worm
  3. Who / which animals can consume meal worms
  4. Why consume insects
  5. Nutrient in meal worms
  6. Sustainability
  7. History of insects and human consuming insects
  8. what if insects disappeared
  9. Novel food and first movers
  10. A guideline for keeping the culture of meal worms
  11. New ideas for use of insects

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