Education for smaller children

One of our goals is to spread the knowledge about sustainable production of food and insects as a future food source
We can offer to visit your institution and show and teach the children about insects. We will also bring our products for tasting.
The children will in the session see , touch and smell the insects, so to be familiar with them . Also we will bring our products as snacks, cracker and cakes for tasting.

Included are:

  • Meal worm eggs
  • Meal worm larvae
  • Meal worm pupae
  • Aduld beetles
  • Snacks and other products made from meal worms

We will explain about:

  • What is the food for a meal worm
  • The meal worm life cycle
  • Why it is smart to eat insects

We will listen to:

  • All the questions from children and adults.

We will support:

  • If interest and time, we will educate about how to take care of a sample of alive meal worms. It will then be possible for the children to follow the development and see all stages.

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Feel free to contact us about your wishes, and we will get back to you with an offer.