BioInsects ApS support:

The Lung Association

The association informs that more than 600.000 people in Denmark has some problems or diseases related to their lungs. Especially at this time with Covid-19 they are under bigger risk to be sick. The association take care of the lung sick people in Denmark. BioInsect ApS support the association.

Growing Trees Network Foundation

The foundation basically work for planting more trees, so to absorb CO2 and thereby reduce the climate change , that we are phasing today. BioInsect ApS donates one tree for a forest in Ghana. for orders above 1.500 DKK.

Our Partners:

BioProduction ApS

Is our close partner being a daughter company of EWH BioProduction Holiding ApS as BioInsect ApS is. EWH BioProduction ApS produces beneficials and pollinators for Horticulture, and also sell BioFras.

Nørbys Grøntsager

Ole Nørby Grøntsager is a local partner for BioInsect, who deliver fresh organic vegetables for our insects. Ole Nørby grow many varieties of vegetables, and the 2. quality products, we are using for our insects.

International Platform of Insects for Food and Feed

IPIFF is an EU non-profit organisation which represents the interests of the insect production sector towards EU policy makers, European stakeholders and citizens. Composed of 66 members, IPIFF promotes the use of insects for
human consumption and insect-derived products as a top tier source of nutrients for animal feed.


Is a innovation network, connection Universities and companies to create innovation and growth. The Insect network is a open group for development of new solutions and business, created on insects.

Copenhagen Zoo

Copenhagen Zoo is a zoological garden in Copenhagen, Denmark. Founded in 1859, it is one of the oldest zoos in Europe and is a member of EAZA. It comprises 11 hectares and is located in the municipality of Frederiksberg, sandwiched between the parks of Frederiksberg Gardens and Søndermarken. We deliver on a regularly basis meal worms for the many birds and reptiles in te garden.

Gjeddesdal Gods

BioInsect ApS are renting a facility surrounded by a nice garden and buildings belonging to Gjeddesdals Gods. We are happy to work in the middle of this nice garden.

Gjeddesdal Gods