BioFras – 7,5 kg.

700,00 DKK

BioFras can be used in ornamentals, pots, plant beds, vegetables and lawn. Also for fruit and berries. In flower pots we recommend 1 tea spoon (5 ml.) per liter soil. BioFras is distributed over the soil and water is added. To be used as required. Adding BioFras 3-4 times a year in the growing season can be sufficient. Bigger plants , and fast growing plants (cucumber, pepper) will need more BioFras. As a guideline add more frequent BioFras if leaves turn from dark green to light green or if fruit are aborted.

Net weight: 7,5 kg.


How to use
On lawns it is recommended to use 150 gram/m2 in spring. Eventually add more times if
needed. BioFras is an organic long-acting product. Add water after use of BioFras.

BioFras is an organic allround fertilizer with Nitrogen:Phosphor:Potassium at level 2,5%:1%:2%. Sulfur is 0,2%. BioFras will increase the content of humus in the soil over time.

BioFras is made as a side stream from the production of meal worms at the place Gjeddesdal Gods in Sealand. The food for the meal worms is organic bran and organic vegetables. The worms get the main food from the bran, and the water mainly from the vegetables, which are mainly discarded ones, the ones not having the right size or shape.

By producing meal worms there is a small consumption of water, energy and plant stuff. The CO2 production is relative low. We use local products as far as possible.